Round 2 of our IVF Journey – FET


The blog has been a tad quiet recently, because I was trying to rest more, before and after our Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET). I'm not getting any younger, and can't afford to "waste" time, since we want more kids, and we haven't been able to conceive naturally. I stopped breastfeeding Noah at 33 months, and went to see ... [ Read More ]

Noah Turns 3!


Noah turned three recently, and we had four small birthday celebrations with him, instead of one big party, because after his first birthday party, we decided that we won't be having any more parties until he is old enough to properly appreciate them. ... [ Read More ]

Noah’s Birthday Gift: DIY Storybook


Noah just turned three last week, and because he loves reading, I thought I'd write him a simple story as his birthday gift. We aren't really keen on getting him big presents, and last year, we sponsored a child from World Vision in his name as his official present. Of course, he still has no clue about it, but it's ... [ Read More ]