The End of an Era


We woke up this morning, expecting it to be an ordinary day. C had to go to work after a week off, and Noah had to go back to school after his term break. We had followed the news of Mr Lee Kuan Yew's failing health as closely as we could over the past few weeks, and although the end seemed near, we had hoped that he ... [ Read More ]



31 months old. Just five more months before our baby turns three. I've been looking through his baby photos recently, and although his face hasn't changed that much, he has grown quite a bit.  ... [ Read More ]

Friday Flips #5: This is Not My Hat


When the librarian first recommended This is Not My Hat to me, I was instantly attracted to the beautiful illustrations. I thought the little fish was adorable, and was most amused by the tattletale crab. The text is short and simple, so most of the story is actually told via the illustrations, making it suitable for ... [ Read More ]

Achievement Unlocked: No More Tears!


After slightly more than a month in school, Noah has finally decided to stop crying! He had a tear-free first day at school, then cried buckets the rest of the week. Things didn't improve in the second week, and he was downright miserable each morning when he learnt that he had to go to school again. ... [ Read More ]