Our DIY Advent Calendar


This year, I've decided to make an Advent Calendar for Noah, as I figured he's old enough to appreciate it. He's more than happy to listen to me read stories to him, so I thought it's a good time to teach him more about Christmas as well.  ... [ Read More ]

Playdate #17


This week's playdate is a tad more special, because it's Faith's birthday! Mummy L requested to host the playdate, so that she can "cater" the snack, which was Faith's birthday cake. I thought it was really nice that we got to celebrate her special day with her, especially since the children (and mums) have become ... [ Read More ]

Purrfect Cat Cafe, Penang


Apart from our wonderful hotel, I think Noah's favourite place in Penang was the Purrfect Cat Cafe. He's quite fond of animals in general, and although we've come across quite a few cats in our neighbourhood, he has never actually gotten close enough to touch them. I thought that it would be the perfect opportunity for ... [ Read More ]

Playdate #16


I requested to host this week's playdate again, as we've got another appointment in the afternoon, and I wanted to let Noah take a nap before heading for it. Thankfully, all the mums in our group are very accommodating, and agreed to come over to our place again.  ... [ Read More ]

DIY Wrapping Paper


Noah took a really short nap yesterday, so I decided to keep him entertained by letting him paint again. This time round, I gave him some mahjong paper, so that when he's done with it, I can use it as wrapping paper for some gifts.  ... [ Read More ]



Just the other day, someone asked me how old Noah was, and I struggled to remember his exact age. I told her that he was slightly more than 2 years old, and when she found out that he was born in July, she told me that he's almost 2.5 years old. 'What?' I thought. 'How's that possible?' When I look at Noah, he still ... [ Read More ]