The City at Liang Court


Our little playgroup co-op tries to have regular playdates, and although we try to find free or cheap places to play at, we decided to bring the kids to The City on one of our playdates, so that they could have access to the various role-playing stations there.   ... [ Read More ]

Gruffalo Madness


I recently borrowed a copy of The Gruffalo from the library, and Noah absolutely loves it! He asks me to read it to him multiple times a day, and was thrilled when I found some free colouring pages for him to work on.  ... [ Read More ]

First Week of School


After a rather successful first day of school, I was lulled into a false sense of complacency. Yes, I had heard of children who seemed perfectly fine throughout the first week, then started crying a week later, but I was really hoping that Noah would be too busy playing to miss me. Yeah, right.  ... [ Read More ]

With All My Love… #13


Dearest Noah, Today, you'll be going to school for the very first time, and I honestly don't know how to feel about it. How is it possible that you're old enough for school already, when I still think of you as my baby boy? I don't think I'm ready for this, and my body seems to be protesting too, because I suddenly ... [ Read More ]

Review & Giveaway: Sparkanauts


With Noah entering N1 this year, we've had to say goodbye to his beloved Sparkanauts teachers, at least until he settles down properly in school. He's been attending classes there since he was about nine months old, and we're definitely thankful for all the help that the teachers have given to us, in supporting Noah's ... [ Read More ]

Homeschooling Fun: Traffic Signs in Singapore


If you've read my latest post on Noah's monthly update, you'd have seen how much he loves cars and vehicles of all sorts. He also loves traffic signs, and whenever we come across one, he would ask, "What does it say?" Sounds cute, but trust me, it's not cute when I'm driving, and can't see which sign he's pointing at.  ... [ Read More ]

Things Noah Says / Does #8


C has been traveling for work quite a bit recently, and each time Noah asks me where Daddy Dearest is, I'll tell him the answer, and add, "It's okay. Daddy will be back soon." He has heard this so often that he now tells himself, "It's okay." whenever I tell him that Daddy is away, or at work. (Yes, he asks for C a few ... [ Read More ]