Noah’s Birthday Gift: DIY Storybook


Noah just turned three last week, and because he loves reading, I thought I'd write him a simple story as his birthday gift. We aren't really keen on getting him big presents, and last year, we sponsored a child from World Vision in his name as his official present. Of course, he still has no clue about it, but it's ... [ Read More ]



Less than a month before Noah turns three, and this will most likely be my second last post officially tracking his monthly development, as it would probably make more sense if I wrote posts to round up each month. I'll still write about all the things he did and said, so it'll probably be just a change in the way the ... [ Read More ]

Friday Flips #22: Got Kids, Go Where?


Ever since we got back from Adelaide, we often find ourselves asking each other, "Where can we go this weekend?". It sounds strange, I know, because we were away for only nine months, and not nine years, but there was one significant difference: Noah was older, and would no longer nap in the Manduca carrier while we ... [ Read More ]

Things Noah Says / Does #14, #15, & #16


Sometimes, Noah speaks like a grown-up, and I can't help but wonder where my baby went. He's growing up so quickly, yet I can't seem to see him as a preschooler, and I definitely cannot imagine what he will be like as a seven-year-old, and in his first year of primary school. He's a real sweetheart most of the time, ... [ Read More ]

From Caterpillars to Butterflies


Early this year, my mum's colleague passed us three little caterpillars, after hearing that I was looking for caterpillars to let Noah learn about the life cycle of butterflies. Noah was really excited, and tried his best to "help" when I wanted to feed the caterpillars, or clean their containers. I got him to name ... [ Read More ]