Homeschooling Playgroup #3


We're still on the theme of Chinese New Year (CNY) this week for our playgroup, although this will be our last session on this theme. I like how the mummies in this group willingly take on different segments, and I can get many more ideas from them on what to do with Noah at home too. I definitely can't run a playgroup ... [ Read More ]



As I write this post, Noah is closer to 31 months than 30 months, but hey, like I always say, better late than never, right? It's been a crazily busy month, but then again, when has it not been? ... [ Read More ]

Friday Flips #2: Books by Herve Tullet


Herve Tullet has great collection of interactive books, and Noah enjoys reading most of them. I first borrowed Mix It Up! from the library, and used it at my first Read with Us programme last year. Noah would spend ages poring over it, and got so familiar with it that he could read it by himself, and "mixed" the ... [ Read More ]

Homeschooling Playgroup #1


Last year, we had a very enjoyable few months in a co-op playgroup, and were very sad when the year came to a close, as most of the children, including Noah, were off to N1. A few of us are still SAHMs, so we decided to try restarting our playdates, but in the late afternoon instead, after school and nap-time. I've ... [ Read More ]

Friday Flips #1: Tap to Play!


Noah has been into interactive books recently, and I chanced upon Tap to Play! by Salina Yoon at the National Library one day. I thought it looked pretty cute, and had a similar concept to Herve Tullet's Press Here and Mix It Up! (reviews on those on another day), so I borrowed it for Noah. ... [ Read More ]