Fun for Free Friday: Sports Hub Library


We've been wanting to check out the new Sports Hub for some time, so when my ex-student told me that she was working in the area, and could have lunch with us there, I decided to bring Noah there earlier to take a short walk around. Unfortunately, it was really hazy that day, so we only managed to visit the Sports Hub ... [ Read More ]

Review: Potted Potter 2014


C and I both enjoy reading the Harry Potter series, and I remember how we 'fought' over who would get to read the latest book first, as it didn't make sense for us to purchase two copies of the same book. For the record, I won, because I read a lot faster than C does, and erm, also because I can out-whine him on any ... [ Read More ]

Things Noah Says / Does #4


Noah has recently taken to repeating almost everything we say, and mimicking our behaviour as well. He loves taking public transport with me, and always wants to "help" to tap my EZ-Link card, or to pay the taxi driver when we arrive at our destination. ... [ Read More ]

Playdate #8


We hosted this week's playdate at our home, and since we've moved on to the theme of animals/farm/zoo, I decided to set up three different animal-related stations for the children to explore, while waiting for the session to begin.  ... [ Read More ]