Homeschooling Fun: DIY Button Snake


Some time ago, during one of our homeschooling playgroup sessions, I noticed that Noah's fine motor skills needed to be worked on, and learnt that the 'button snake' was a fun way to help him hone those skills. It was really easy to make, and needed very few items, so I decided to make one for Noah to play with. ... [ Read More ]

Friday Flips #15: Books by Leo Lionni

I found some Leo Lionni books at My Greatest Child, a bookshop in City Square Mall, and bought two for Noah. (Yes, I am a serious book addict, and cannot resist buying books. I used to buy them for myself, but these days, all my book shopping is done for Noah. It's a good thing he loves books, or I'd be really sad!) ... [ Read More ]

Review: The Incredible Book Eating Boy


To prep Noah for the show, I've been reading The Incredible Book Eating Boy with him again recently, and each time, he would express a fear of the "book monster" in Henry's nightmare. Really strange, considering how he had no issues with it when we read the book previously! I started to feel a tad apprehensive about ... [ Read More ]

Cold Storage Kids Run 2015


Noah loves running, and is always running around the house, park, playground, mall... you get the picture. I've been wanting to sign him up for a kids run, so when I found out about the Cold Storage Kids Run, I signed him up for it. (We missed last year's because we were away in Adelaide.) This was his very first run, ... [ Read More ]

Are You Happy, Mummy?


Noah has been asking me, "Are you happy, Mummy?" quite regularly, usually when he knows he has been naughty. He tries to turn on the charm, by giving me his best smile, before hugging me and saying, "I love you, mummy." It's so hard to stay angry with him, but I will tell him that I'm not happy, because he was naughty, ... [ Read More ]

Mother’s Day 2015


My Mother's Day celebrations started on Friday this year, when I picked Noah up from school. He was all excited, and kept saying, "I got something in my bag for you!". He pulled it out of his bag while I was driving him home, and was so proud of his craft, especially when I made a big fuss over it. He told me all about ... [ Read More ]



Noah arrived late to the whole talking thing, but he sure seems to be making up for lost time now. Honestly, I don't remember when he first started speaking, and when he began using complete sentences, but these days, we can actually have conversations with him, and it's been quite entertaining, to say the least. Of ... [ Read More ]