Homeschooling Fun: DIY Fishing Game


Noah recently played with some fishing toys at his Gymnademics class, and I thought it was a good way to build his hand-eye coordination, and to teach him the names of the various sea creatures (technically, not all of them belong in the sea, but it's easier for me to call them sea creatures here). I found similar ... [ Read More ]

Playdate #13


After a short hiatus due to the haze, we were finally able to enjoy our outdoor playdate again this week. The children really seem to enjoy being outdoors, and sometimes, I think having our sessions outdoors can be even more productive, as there are less distractions (in the form of toys) around.  ... [ Read More ]

Playdate #12


This week, we headed to Mummy C's home for our weekly playdate, and she, like all the other mums in our playgroup, really inspired me with all the interesting things she prepared for the children. She has so many wonderful ideas, and I really admire how she is completely unfazed about letting the children create a huge ... [ Read More ]

Me? Fit and Fab? Seriously?


C and I were much thinner when we started dating, about thirteen or fourteen years ago.  (My memory was also much better then, seeing as how I can't even remember which year we started dating!) We officially met while playing hockey in NUS, though we'd both been playing for many years before that, just for different ... [ Read More ]



Every month, I tell myself that I will remember to write Noah's monthly updates on time, and most months, I forget. Sometimes, I am tempted to stop writing these monthly updates, but I remember that I started this blog to chronicle Noah's growth, and with my increasingly poor memory, I think I will forget all these ... [ Read More ]

Playdate #11


We hosted this week's playdate, and I stepped out of my comfort zone to prepare the Practical Life stations for the first time. I've been opting to read stories to the children each week, and I think I should start trying out more of the other segments too, as it's a good learning experience for me. Sometimes, I wonder ... [ Read More ]

Things Noah Says / Does #6 & #7


Noah has always been a rather friendly and affectionate child. He says hello to strangers and random animals when he meets them, and hugs almost anyone who asks for one. Recently, he has been quite the parrot, repeating almost everything we say, and mimicking our actions too.  ... [ Read More ]