DIY Angels


Our playgroup will be having our Christmas party this week, and I decided to be brave and take on the craft segment. I found this adorable Paper Muffin Liner Angel craft, and thought it looked simple enough for the children, so I tried it out.  ... [ Read More ]

DIY Advent Calendar: Week 2


The past week has been a tough one, with Noah coming down with a stomach virus suddenly, vomiting a couple of times in the middle of the night. We rushed him to the 24-hour clinic after his third round of puking in less than two hours, and then again to his regular PD in the morning.Amidst the chaos, my parents and ... [ Read More ]



Two more months before Noah turns 2.5 years old, and less than a month to go, before he starts school. I guess it's true that the days are long, but the years are short. I've been getting quite frustrated with him, and sometimes, I wish I had more time to myself. But then I look at him when he's napping, or when he's ... [ Read More ]

I Didn’t Throw it Away


One of the things C and I wanted when we were renovating our home was a large built-in bookshelf. We both love books, and have amassed a significant number of books over the years, so it was important to have somewhere to store them. In fact, I still have a great number of books stashed away in my parents' home, ... [ Read More ]

DIY Advent Calendar: Week 1


It's been a week since we began working on the crafts in our DIY Advent Calendar, and although I sometimes wonder if I was too ambitious in coming up with these crafts, it has been quite fun and satisfying to see our tree beginning to look more colourful.  ... [ Read More ]

Playdate #19


We had our playdate yesterday, and it was a good thing we didn't plan to have it at the reservoir, because it was raining so heavily! Thank God that my dad drove us to our playdate, or we would have been really late.  ... [ Read More ]

Seven Years On…

7 Years

As of yesterday, we've been married for seven years, and honestly, it feels as though I wrote this post recently, instead of a year ago! If you follow me on Dayre (@GrowingwiththeTans), you might have read my random confession recently that most times, I feel like a kid masquerading as an adult. I mean, when and who ... [ Read More ]

Playdate #18


Our whole family has been hit by the flu bug, and initially, I was quite disappointed at the thought of having to miss our playdate, especially since it was going to be outdoors at Bishan Park.We really like having our playdates at Bishan Park because there is a nice, shaded pavilion, just a short walk from McDonalds, ... [ Read More ]